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NCLA Webinar, 2017

Gamifying Library Instruction: Using Technology to Make Learning Engaging


Gamification Tools

Learn more about the free tools from the presentation!


Twine is a free, open-source tool that can be used on- or offline. With little to no coding, you can create visual storytelling in webpage format, so it can be hosted however you like. Very user-friendly and flexible!


Sway is an online tool that comes free with a Microsoft account. This is a great way to make something interactive as it integrates with other Microsoft and Google products, as well as social media, in an embeddable format. Very user-friendly but not adaptable as it does not accept custom code.


Very different from the other two tools. Kahoot! allows you to create interactive quizzes, discussions, and surveys that students can play on any device. Easy to set up and easy to play as your users can access the game in one click.


Further Reading



Need inspiration? Here are some gamified lessons I have created with these tools.

Zombie APA Game

Created with Twine

Library Orientation

Created with Twine

Fact... or Fiction?

Created with Sway


Need help?

Want to gamify your instruction but not sure where to start? Hit a roadblock and need some tips to troubleshoot? Feel free to email me and I'd be happy to help!

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